We are beyond thrilled to announce our next gallery show here at Into the Woods Tattoo & Art Gallery.  On January 9th, 2016 we will be unveiling our newest art exhibition featuring watercolor art by two of the best artists out there today.  The show shall be called “Still Waters Run Deep” and it will feature the artwork of Bryan Sanchez and Russell Van Schaick.

Both artists show an uncanny and natural affinity towards working in the water color genre on both canvas and flesh.  As tattoo artists their watercolor designs are truly second to none.  Whenever a clients inquires about water color tattoos, these are the artists I refer to. They are quite literally the only two examples I use to describe the pinnacle of this artistic style.  However, when they transpose their artistry from flesh to canvas, the impact is the same. Their work is simultaneously breathtaking in it’s simplicity, yet bold and undeniably elegant.

Russell Van Schaick is an incredibly talented tattoo artist working out of Hart and Huntington in Universal Studios Orlando.  His tattoo abilities are widely eclectic and he is able to seamlessly switch between multiple art styles.  However, his watercolor tattoos are hands down some of his most recognizable work and in many ways they have become the best souvenir anyone could hope to bring home from Universal Studios Orlando.  If you ever find yourself at Universal Studios, you owe it to yourself to go and check out Russell and the other Hart and Huntington crew.

Bryan Sanchez is a tattoo artist who hails from Medellin, Colombia.  Bryan truly is an artist first and foremost. Each of his tattoos are paintings he creates on paper first and then replicates on the skin of his clients.  Not only is Bryan an incredible watercolor artist, he is also a tireless volunteer and humanitarian.  Bryan spends much of his free time working with inner city kids and working on artistic projects to beautify impoverished parts of his home town.  Once he finishes his latest project, Bryan is slated to move to the United States and begin working with us full time at Into the Woods Tattoo & Art Gallery.  So if you find yourself in South Florida, be sure to stop by and say hello to Bryan and the rest of the talented Into the Woods crew.