It’s no secret that the path to becoming a tattoo artist is an arduous task.  Every day for a tattoo apprentice is a struggle towards your artistic dream and is filled with long hours of hard work, attention to detail, and a litany of labor intensive jobs that all tattoo apprentices must undertake.  This is certainly not a job for the faint of heart.

This is precisely why we are so proud of our budding tattoo artist Sean Gardner.  Sean is coming up on his second year as Frank LaNatra’s apprentice and he is doing some incredible work in such a short time. Having begun his apprenticeship on A Pound of Flesh products, Sean has done some solid pieces since day one.  Now he has graduated to real flesh, and the results have been just as impressive.  Be sure to follow Sean on his Instagram at @seangardnerisawesome to see his incredible progress.  We can’t wait to see what his tattoo career has yet to unfold.

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