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Frank La Natra’s birthday was on October 24th and this is the awesome “Monsters Inc.” cake made for him by his lovely and talented sister Melissa!  It was Melissa’s birthday too…and no they aren’t twins.  Pretty freaky huh?

This cake tasted even better than it looked…and it looked AMAZING!! So all we have to say about that is “yummm“!

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Into the Woods Gallery is so much more than your typical Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery.  

Its actually a haunted Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery…okay, well maybe it’s not really haunted. However, things did get pretty spooky on Halloween night at our Annual Haunted Halloween Party.  We had an awesome time and we appreciate everyone who came by to celebrate with our tattoo family!  We didn’t have too many tricks but we had a bunch of grown up treats…. AKA grown up beverages.

Vodka….I’m talking about VODKA! =)

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Congratulations to Kyle Woloch for winning the costume contest here at Into the Woods Tattoo Gallery!

He won a nifty trophy, a $50 gift card to be used towards a tattoo, and  the undying affection of his lovely vampire companion!  Who doesn’t love a man with a trophy?  Plus he has 50 bucks to kick in on her next tattoo!

From everyone here at Into the Woods Tattoo Gallery, hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!!!