Our Custom Tattoo Artists

Joe Mele

  • Joseph Mele was born in Sarasota, Florida but was raised in Connecticut. He took an early interest in hands-on projects earning himself several accolades and awards state-wide for his success in architectural design. Joseph was also well versed in graphic design. He created everything from business cards to fully rendered and coded websites. Putting his creative mind on temporary hold, he pursued his interest in becoming a firefighter. Starting at an entry level position, Joseph persisted and pushed himself to be a distinguished, well-respected member of the department. This earned him opportunities to be part of high-profile functions and events as well as a reliable firefighter.

    After receiving his first tattoo, Joseph’s desire to create surfaced again. He was infatuated with this new mysterious art form. Shortly after, an opportunity presented itself for an apprenticeship under Christopher McKevitt in Florida. He committed himself to learning everything he could about tattooing. Joseph’s first love is bold, traditional style tattoos, but has since evolved and branched out to becoming well-versed in a multitude of different styles. Now he is on his way to earning his place in the industry. An unfortunate turn of events took place resulting in Joseph inheriting and owning the very studio where it all started. Joseph established relations at the Dania Beach location of Into the Woods Tattoo & Gallery by doing multiple guest spots and eventually becoming a regular artist. Shortly after, he was presented with the opportunity to join the family and become partners with Frank La Natra and open Into the Woods Tattoo & Gallery in Stuart, FL.

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