What was the hottest part of the Summer??

The Two of a Kind Event of course!!!

This July, Frank LaNatra took his Two of a Kind Event on the road and he brought the show up north to the charmingly quaint town of Northampton, MA.  It was in this sleepy little hamlet that iconic tattoo artist and shop owner Timmy B played host and opened the doors of his studio Niteowl Tattoo to one and all.  For the duration of the week, Northampton was the epicenter of this unique international tattoo event.

This time around we put a different spin on the Two of a Kind concept.  We scoured the globe and invited some of the tattoo industry’s brightest stars from around the world. The result was nothing short of game changing.  The artists were able to work side by side with one another and really absorb each other’s tips, tricks, and overall artistic process.  The clients came from all over the country to collect collaborative tattoos from artists who would likely never have met each other (let alone work together).

We truly believe that events like these help the tattoo industry to evolve and push the limits of what is possible!  Next time we will be bringing the event back down to sunny Florida, so keep an eye out for announcements later in the year.  Hope to see you there!


This year’s participating artists

Frank La Natra, Timmy B, Tony Ciavarro, Robert Kane, Scotty Munster, Tanane Whitfield, Kelly Doty, Shaun Miller, Dave Koenig, Christian Perez, Christa Z. La Natra, Bryan Merck, Gunnar Lindsay Bugbaker, Sam Fiorino, Kyle Cotterman, Aimee Cornwell, Sonia Mymouse, Marcus Maguire, Jamie Ris,  Victor Chil,               Mat Lapping, Megan Jean Morris, Dannii Garbiras, Derek Zeunert