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Bryan Sanchez

  • At an early age, Bryan Sanchez knew he was destined to be an artist. If you asked his mother, she would tell you that since he was three, Bryan’s favorite toy was his watercolor pallet. Today it is no longer a toy, but the tools of his trade.

    Bryan began experimenting with tattooing at the age of 16. His first client was a trusting cousin. Bryan went on to receive his Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. For three years after, he continued his education in Argentina studying Art Direction.

    His artwork still graces the streets of Medellin where he was commissioned by the mayor for community art projects. Bryan also utilized his talents to enrich the lives of under privledged children. Through his work with “Art Can Save the World”, he teaches ex-gang members and inner city children the importance of self-respect through art. His charitable works and impressive skill have lead him to be a sponsored artist by companies in and out of the tattoo industry, most notably Levi’s Jeans and Skullcandy earphones.

    With the help of his lovely wife, Bryan is excited for the opportunity to move to America and join the talented team of artists at Into the Woods Tattoo.

    Keep watching to see what Bryan does next!

    Bryan Sanchez: Artist Statement
    Colombia: The Magic & Vulnerable Fauna

    My work strives to be pure abstraction against the path of what exists.  Much like my tattoos, my art is not a concrete image, but an interpretation. Unlike the conventional tattoo process, where static images are simply pasted onto the body, my tattoos are painted on the skin. 

    I prefer to leave my work as a sketchy structure that may appear “unfinished” in areas.  This “roughed out” approach is deliberate and shows in how I lay colors in a chaotic fashion.  I have adopted this approach to be the opposite of realism.  While realism exists in photography, my art is an interpretation through my hands and eyes.

    Take a trip with me through the colorful and vulnerable Colombian wildlife.  Sadly, this majestic world is at a constant disadvantage when paralleled with the realm of man.

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