Our Custom Tattoo Artists

Sean Gardner

  • Born in ink, raised by monsters and fueled by sugar, Sean Gardner was ready to take on the world! Armed with a fist full of drawing tools and a brain ruined by mutant-crazed comic books, slimy aliens, giant robots and snaggletooth beasts, Sean has been hell-bent on sharing the world as he sees it…through his art.Growing up in the Florida heat and surrounded with the overwhelming fantasy landscapes of the nearby theme-parks, there was no way his (artistic) vision could not be a bit skewed. After years of filling his head with pop-culture crap and nonstop scribbling, he attended the Ringling School of Art and Design. There he took to their more classical-trained approach to art. During his four years of traditional-based art school courses, he took a summer job drawing caricatures. Art school taught him the value of knowing the rules, but now he was in environment to break them! Not only was he born and bred to create cartoon craziness, but now he knows how to make it look believable.

    Between left brain ideas of art and right brain comic book nonsense, a third element was thrown into the mix…horror, thus Zombie Caricatures were born! With anatomy applied, Sean has been able to keep to his passion for exaggerating faces and executing it with an insane horror theme. After realizing its potential, Sean teamed up with his friend and colleague, Nick Mitchell, and took Zombie Caricatures to every horror, tattoo and comic book convention they could.

    After MANY years of creating custom pieces of his clients as humorous members of the living dead, he turned his attentions towards a new medium… tattooing! What adventures lay in store for our hero? Stay tuned…he’s just getting started!

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