Our Custom Tattoo Artists

Phil Sommers

  • Phil Sommers was born and raised in Vero Beach, FL and found his way to Ft. Lauderdale through tattooing. As far back as he remembers, Phil always had a crayon, pencil, or other artistic tool in his hand. He found early on he had a knack for replicating images and continued to hone his skills as a hobby.

    Throughout high school, Phil’s artistic talents continued to shine through. His friends constantly asked him to design images for their binders and book bags. After creating a particularly impressive design his friend exclaimed “That would be an awesome tattoo”. With that statement, a seed was planted and would become his future career path.

    It wasn’t until he got his first tattoo that Phil realized his calling to be a tattoo artist. After getting his ribs tattooed, he sought out an apprenticeship by a local artist and his career was underway.

    With a passion for art and the tattooing, he began his professional career in 2012. Phil is a talented artist that specializes in neo-traditional & ornamental style because that’s what the beard commands. A good dose of clean lines and bold colors will keep you coming back for his ever progressing work.

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