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    John White™ is a street artist from Brooklyn, New York. John claims to be the son of billionaire pop-artist Jean-Blac White and Madonna, but we’re certain he’s an orphan. At an early age, John displayed a keen-eye for visual arts; learning the importance of value, contrast, and breakfast. John began his career in tattooing on a hot summer day in a New York walk-in shop, where he gruelingly carried out the tasks of cleaning, scrubbing, and fine-tuning machines.
    Through the years, John has worked alongside some of the best artists in the entire world at Into the Woods Gallery, though they were mostly just guest artists. He painstakingly expanded his palette through these connections— both literally, and metaphorically. Rising from a mere single set of graywash to his now highly-coveted three sets and eating the world’s greatest poutine at the award-nominated eatery next-door, horizons are being broken on a daily basis.
    John has been called a blessing by his employer Frank LaNatra, not to be confused with the much more famous crooner, Frank has called John White “the son he never had”. John has been tattooing spicy wolf tats for over six years and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

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