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    Jeff was born in Wichita Kansas in 1986. At a very young age, he showed a passion for drawing and the arts, at 13 he found a love for tattoos after getting his first one. Jeff moved to Illinois soon after, where he spent his summers with his grandparents. They were a great motivation and support system for him and his art. When Jeff turned 17, he wanted to join the armed forces but an accident claimed the sight in his right eye. Although he would always draw, this incident caused him to devote more time to his art as an escape. After High School, he went back to Wichita, Kansas where he attended college for drafting, but it didn’t fulfill his needs as an artist. He later moved back to Illinois to work as a mechanic.
    Jeff is a completely self-taught tattoo artist with a strong need to learn and push himself to exceed expectations. In his home life, he is a father of six beautiful children and husband to his biggest fan that encourages him to follow his dreams.
    Jeff is excited to move to Florida to work at Into the Woods Gallery, which boasts an incredibly talented crew of artists that he hopes to learn from. Through the next phase of his journey as an artist, he hopes to grow and become one of the best. Jeff specializes in color realism, black& gray realism and illustrative style tattooing, but enjoys working in all styles. He strives to give each client he tattoos the best he can and puts his heart and soul into every work of art he creates. Jeff would like to invite you to join him on his journey and collect your very own unique piece of art.

    “Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”
    ―Robert Bresson

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