Our Custom Tattoo Artists

Evan Janeke

  • Evan was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska. Growing
    up this way allowed him a lot of free time for creativity: there were
    animals to observe, landscapes to manicure, manure to scoop, as well as finding relief in imagining the creepy things that could come out of the fields to get you. Having parents that were farmers and donut-shop owners definitely taught him about long hours, hard work, humility and integrity. Nevertheless, growing up, his love for
    art and music became a driving force for his future.

    After high school, Evan became a butcher. This may have added to his abundance of stories to tell, but it wasn’t the art he was looking for. He decided to follow his passion for music by playing guitar in several bands, which eventually led him to tattooing in 2008. Since then, he has been absorbing anything art-related. In July of 2015, Evan left the Midwest and went to work with the inspiring crew of Into the Woods Gallery in South Florida.

    Evan enjoys tattooing in color and black & gray. He considers his style to be ever-evolving, temporarily self-proclaimed, pseudo- realism. He also loves experimenting with different styles and new mediums. When he’s not drawing and tattooing, he spends time with his girlfriend and their son…preferably somewhere out in nature.

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