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Into the “New Year” and Beyond!

First and foremost…we would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a blessed New Year.

We have some very exciting events to KICK OFF 2016 here at Into the Woods Tattoo & Art Gallery!

This January 7th-14th the 3rd Annual EPIC GUEST SPOT will return to Into the Woods Tattoo .  Typically, a tattoo guest spot involves a tattoo artist coming out and visiting another studio.  However, to make a tattoo guest spot truly EPIC we invite 10 super talented tattoo artists from around the world to stay for the week.  The roster may change a bit from year to year…but the result is always EPIC stays the same.

This year we are proud to announce that we will be joined by Robert Kane, Shaun Miller, Noka, Amy Mymouse, Jake Parsons, Jordan Tattoons, Dave Koenig, Scotty Munster, and Piero Bockos!  If your in the South Florida area, DO NOT miss your chance to get an appointment with one of these incredibly talented tattoo artists.


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Sean Gardner IS Awesome! Just Check His Instagram (@seangardnerisawesome)

It’s no secret that the path to becoming a tattoo artist is an arduous task.  Every day for a tattoo apprentice is a struggle towards your artistic dream and is filled with long hours of hard work, attention to detail, and a litany of labor intensive jobs that all tattoo apprentices must undertake.  This is certainly not a job for the faint of heart.

This is precisely why we are so proud of our budding tattoo artist Sean Gardner.  Sean is coming up on his second year as Frank LaNatra’s apprentice and he is doing some incredible work in such a short time. Having begun his apprenticeship on A Pound of Flesh products, Sean has done some solid pieces since day one.  Now he has graduated to real flesh, and the results have been just as impressive.  Be sure to follow Sean on his Instagram at @seangardnerisawesome to see his incredible progress.  We can’t wait to see what his tattoo career has yet to unfold.

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Happy Third Anniversary to Us!!!

This week marks the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of Into the Woods Tattoo & Art Gallery.  In just three short years we have grown by leaps and bounds.  When we opened our tattoo studio, we had a simple vision.  It was to take an art gallery and build a tattoo studio around that premise.  By setting the tattoo studio around an art gallery concept, we have been able to truly showcase the artistry of the tattoo industry.  The beauty of our studio, is that it’s a full fledged art gallery first and foremost, while the tattoos take place in our private studio. Whenever we open one of our gallery exhibitions, we are always mindful to highlight our tattoo roots in the themes of our shows as much as possible.  This creates the experience that as clients walk in, they begin their journey as spectators, yet when they leave it is with much more than just a piece of art, but rather something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed visiting us over the last three years, as much as we’ve enjoyed having here.

Here’s to the years to come!

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Getting By With a Little Help From…the Hustle!

Hustle Helper


Do Tattoos Hurt?   Not ANYMORE they don’t!! 

Into the Woods Tattoo has exciting news for the tattoo industry.  HELP IS HERE!

Studio owner and lead tattoo artist Frank La Natra has teamed up with Hustle Butter Deluxe to bring forth the future of clean and comfortable tattooing. Let us proudly announce the arrival of HUSTLE HELPER!


HUSTLE HELPER is a high quality anti-microbial soap imbued with the soothing comfort of 5% lidocaine and the delicate aroma of Hustle Butter. And like all Hustle Butter products, HUSTLE HELPER is cruelty-free and vegan certified.

Here at Into the Woods Tattoo, we have tried nearly every numbing cream and soap on the market, but all of them have left us wanting more.  Some brands had a horrible effect on skin texture, making the flesh rubbery, porous, and a pain to tattoo.  While other brands had a horrible effect on tattoo pigments, making black ink look blue. Even the suitable products simply weren’t strong enough or they only offered the weaker ANTI-BACTERIAL soap, rather than the full cleaning power of ANTI-MICROBIAL soap.

It was this desire for something better that drove Frank La Natra to contact Richie Bulldog and  they began their research into numbing soaps!  After months of research and testing the product on themselves and close friends, we knew right away that we had a winner.  

Whether you’re a tattoo artist or a tattoo collector, HUSTLE HELPER will allow you to sit for longer sessions comfortably.  Nearly every client who had previously tried the competitors soap has confirmed HUSTLE HELPER is the superior comforting enhancing soap; But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Try it for yourself today.
RBD logo 2


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Two of a Kind Event Made This Summer HOT!!!

What made this summer so hot???

Well, the Two of a Kind Tattoo Collaboration Event of course!!!

This July, Frank LaNatra took his Two of a Kind Event on the road and he brought the show up north to the charmingly quaint town of Northampton, MA.  It was in this sleepy little hamlet that iconic tattoo artist and shop owner Timmy B played host and opened the doors of his studio Niteowl Tattoo to one and all.  For the duration of the week, Northampton was the epicenter of this unique international tattoo event.

This time around we put a different spin on the Two of a Kind concept.  We scoured the globe and invited some of the tattoo industry’s brightest stars from around the world. The result was nothing short of game changing.  The artists were able to work side by side with one another and really absorb each other’s tips, tricks, and overall artistic process.  The clients came from all over the country to collect collaborative tattoos from artists who would likely never have met each other (let alone work together). 

We truly believe that events like these help the tattoo industry to evolve and push the limits of what is possible! 

Next time we will be bringing the event back down to sunny Florida, so keep an eye out for announcements later in the year. 

Hope to see you there!


This Year’s Participating Tattoo Artists

Frank La Natra, Timmy B, Tony Ciavarro, Robert Kane, Scotty Munster, Tanane Whitfield, Kelly Doty, Shaun Miller, Dave Koenig, Christian Perez, Christa Z. La Natra, Bryan Merck, Gunnar Lindsay Bugbaker, Sam Fiorino, Kyle Cotterman, Aimee Cornwell, Sonia Mymouse, Marcus Maguire, Jamie Ris,  Victor Chil, Mat Lapping, Megan Jean Morris, Dannii Garbiras, Derek Zeunert


PicCollage (1)


(Group Photo of Two of a Kind 2015)

PicCollage (3) PicCollage (4) PicCollage (5)

(Bryan Merck & Kyle Cotterman)            (Scotty Munster & Kyle Cotterman)    (Sam Fiorino & Megan Jean Morris)


PicCollage PicCollage (10) PicCollage (9)

(Jamie Ris & Scotty Munster)                (Christa Z. & Kyle Cotterman)                (Lindsay Baker & Christian Perez)



PicCollage (8) PicCollage (7) PicCollage (6)

(Victor Chil & Timmy B)                           (Bryan Merck & Christa Z)                  (Kelly Doty & Marcus Maguire)

PicCollage (2) PicCollage (11)


(Shaun Miller & Megan Jean Morris)       (Victor Chil & Timmy B reenacting the Pottery scene from Ghost)

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