Happy Third Anniversary to Us!!!

This week marks the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of Into the Woods Tattoo & Art Gallery.  In just three short years we have grown by leaps and bounds.  When we opened our tattoo studio, we had a simple vision.  It was to take an art gallery and build a tattoo studio around that premise.  By setting the tattoo studio around an art gallery concept, we have been able to truly showcase the artistry of the tattoo industry.  The beauty of our studio, is that it’s a full fledged art gallery first and foremost, while the tattoos take place in our private studio. Whenever we open one of our gallery exhibitions, we are always mindful to highlight our tattoo roots in the themes of our shows as much as possible.  This creates the experience that as clients walk in, they begin their journey as spectators, yet when they leave it is with much more than just a piece of art, but rather something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed visiting us over the last three years, as much as we’ve enjoyed having here.

Here’s to the years to come!

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