Let the Good Times Roll!

Two of a Kind 2015 is in the Works!

We are excited to announce that the Two of a Kind: Collaborative Tattoo Event is in the works.  This time around Into the Woods Tattoo has teamed up with NiteOwl Tattoo to bring the Two of a Kind Event up north to Massachusetts.

That’s right we’re packing up our tattoo machines and taking this show on the road!

Timmy B. and his assistant Heather flew down to Into the Woods Tattoo earlier this month to begin fleshing out the logistics for this summer’s event.  Since the previous event was such a hit, we decided to up the ante and extend invitations to some of the best European tattoo artists out there.  Frank LaNatra and Timmy B. have put together a lineup of tattoo artists (both domestic and international) that will be sure to impress tattoo collectors and artists alike.



The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale came for a visit!

It was awesome to have Ms. V’s art appreciation class from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale (A.I.F) come to our gallery for a walk through.  Since our studio boasts three graduates from A.I.F., we are proud to be able to give something back to the old alma mater!  We had a great time showing everyone around and explaining how the modern tattoo renaissance has been greatly influenced by the recent influx of classically trained artists to the tattoo world.

As you can imagine we are very proud of our gallery. However, it is not solely for the beautiful talent we display, but rather the purpose of showcasing tattoos as the true art form they are.  For decades tattoos have been viewed as a lesser art form intended for the fringe of society.  However, that stigma cannot be further from the truth.  Some of the world’s best contemporary artists work in the tattoo industry and we are proud anytime we are able to bridge the gap between the art community and the tattoo industry.  Thank you all so much for coming and spending an evening with us



Ms. V and Some of her awesome students!

New Gallery Show!  Out of My Mind: The Art of Jonathan Hunt

Saturday April 25th we opened our newest gallery exhibition, Out of My Mind: The Art of Jonathan Hunt. As a master of both traditional and digital arts, Jonathan is both a professor at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and a talented freelance artist.  With a deft hand and a vivid imagination Jon is a prolific illustrator whose works can be seen on book jackets, storyboards, concept art, collectible card games, role playing manuals, music videos, and magazines.  His work also includes his own creepy creations of collectible pins called Eepz and Frombies (Friendly Zombies)

The show was a spectacular success with a packed house.   It was a good time, with great people, delicious food, tasty beverages, and incredible art!  The show will be up from now until the end of July 2015.  If you were unable to attend the opening feel free to stop in and check it out before the end of summer.


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