The New Year has already been EPIC!

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Group shot of the Epic Guest Artists

The New Year began with everyone here having an awesome time at Miami’s hottest tattoo convention…Tattoolapalooza (Jan. 9-11) at the Hyatt Regency in Miami.  Awesome tattoos, live painting, and 2 days of Special FX Makeup contests featuring 4 artists from SyFy’s FACEOFF!

When the dust finally settled and the tattoo convention was over…we just kept the ball rolling with our Annual Epic Tattoo Guest Spot here at Into the Woods Tattoo Art Gallery!!   We had some of the world’s top tattoo artists from all over the country come and stay with us for a week of late night art and ink sessions!

This year we welcomed Timmy B., Tony Ciavarro, Nathan Evans, Phil Garcia, Robert Kane, Dave Koenig, Shaun Miller, Scotty Munster, Jake Parsons, Mike Schwab and Tanane Whitfield!   We were also visited by our friends and awesome tattoo artists Emily Schmitt, Ryan Nutini, Jordan Grakauskas, and Adam Natonio!  It was pretty much like having the X-Men of the tattoo industry under one roof for a week!

After the week of late night tattoos and and artistic shenanigans…everyone here was primed and ready to unveil our latest gallery exhibition “New Traditions: The Art of Dave Koenig”!  Our gallery is now bursting at the seams with the beautiful tattoo inspired art of Neo-Traditional artist Dave Koenig!  It was a blast and half!

Mr. Koenig’s art will be on exhibit until the end of April, so even if you missed the opening there is still time to come in and check out his beautiful art.  Hope to see you soon!

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