Art Workshop: Digital Painting with Photoshop (With Jeff Dekal)



Title: Digital Painting with Photoshop (P/S 1)
Description: This course will cover a full scale digital painting of a figure highlighting both digital and traditional painting methods utilized within Photoshop. Layer modes, brushes, building values, adjustment layers and using adjustment layers to color and enhance the painting will be covered. There will be demonstrations on any aspects the students may be curious about.
Cost: $50
Materials: Pen and paper for note taking. Seats only, no tables provided.

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Bio:   Jeff Dekal is the cover artist for Marvel’s Journey Into Mystery. His other comic credits include Superior Spiderman Inhumanity, and work for Valiant, Creature Entertainment, and Cosmic Times. He has provided artwork for numerous musicians such as Mayday, Wrekonize, Royce da 5’9, Joe Budden, and DJ Burn One.

Born and raised in South Florida, Jeff spends much of his life producing illustrations bordering urban and uncanny. The introduction to graffiti while he was in high school gave the first serious meaning to Jeff’s art and is also where he adopted his alias, Dekal. After being educated about art history, he was inspired to stray from the characters and letters of graffiti and focus more on figurative art. Jeff’s figures can sometimes exist in an untouchable state because that status is nonexistent in this world. We are vulnerable in many ways and can be touched at any moment. Since Jeff has the ultimate control of his art though, he would rather see his figures in a timeless state as opposed to a mundane everyday type of situation.

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