Happening in the woods this week!!

Christa Z. tattooed this Storm-Trooper Stripper all in 1 day! It took 5 1/2 hours and it’s about 11 inches long!  Frank La Natra tattooed our Artist Ryan Martin’s head!  Frank started it a few weeks ago & did 4 more hours to finish it! (8 hours total) They titled it “His Conscience Made Me Do It”.  Christa Z. also did this Scarlet Spiderman tattoo to fill in a comic book sleeve(she did the Spiderman) in just 3 hours!)  Joe Casal started this epic backpiece tattoo & it’s the client’s first tattoo!  He did all of the line-work & will start to color it in the next couple of weeks.  Christa Z. drew a flower bracelet on the client’s arm with markers & then tattooed it in pretty girly colors & Leah(the client) was stoked!  She’ll be back soon to do more work!  Ryan finished up this awesome sewing piece and is eventually going to make it into a sleeve!  Ryan also started this cowboy lizard piece from a “Tattoo Fight Club” he did on Instagram & this is on Tucker who works at our sister shop Eternal Ink in Davie, Florida!

Frank La Natra drew up this amazing piece he is going to tattoo at the Cape Fear tattoo convention in North Carolina in a few weeks & it’s titled “Stuck on You”-for a lady who wants to symbolize her & her boyfriend’s love.  Christa Z. sketched up the bottom half to a Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve she’s been working on & will be tattooing next month.  Frank also drew up this “Mission Impossible” piece that is also going to be tattooed at the Cape Fear Tattoo Convention in North Carolina!  Ryan drew up this super cute puffin baker piece for anyone who loves penguins & cupcakes!

Saturday night we had a life drawing “Drink ‘n’ Draw” with a live model where we did our own version of the Harlem Shake – check out the video on YouTube!  Click here!

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